Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A space to call my own

I feel totally accomplished this evening! After months (OK, more like over a year!) of major procrastination I finally cleaned out our home office. It had gotten so bad that it was impossible to walk more than three feet inside, let alone actually get to the desk and set up my laptop. I've desperately needed some space to work on my genealogy and the dining room table was buried under layers of family tree printouts, census records, and tons of pictures!

Setting the office was symbolic in a way, too. It was my way of accepting the fact that we're here to stay.

And now? I finally have a space to call my own.

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The Fifth Street Mama said...

That is great! i finally got a studio (which is actually a converted utility closet) this year and I love it! I do need to tidy and organize in there though :)