Monday, April 20, 2009


Brett and I returned home this morning from an emergency trip back to South Carolina. This trip was one of the hardest we've ever had to make.

We received a phone call at 7:45 last Wednesday night (4/15) that NaMa was suddenly in very grave condition. As we were in the process of packing and calling to inform other family members, we learned that she had passed away. We arrived in South Carolina mid-Thursday afternoon and were able to spend a couple days with family and friends. We had originally planned to come home tomorrow afternoon, but left early, early this morning after some unexpected issues arose.

We didn't come home alone, though. We brought one of NaMa's cats home with us and as I type this, she is being introduced to Reese. As it stands, I don't think they care for each other very much yet. :)

Lucy at NaMa's house last week.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winds of Change

Brett and I made it back home mid-Monday afternoon and I must admit, it was SO nice to sleep in my own bed again! Honestly, I think my car is ready for a break, too. We drove up to North Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and back to Alabama all in a week's time. Talk about racking up the miles!

We spent the majority of our trip with Brett's maternal grandmother who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Just one day into our visit, we had to take her to the E.R. and she was promptly admitted. As it stands, she'll be transferring to a rehab facility for a couple of weeks unless her oncologist decides to go another route. NaMa (as we lovingly call her) has family nearby and they have jumped in to help out as much as possible. Brett and I are planning another trip up there in the VERY near future as well.

After our trip to visit NaMa we drove down to Aiken, SC to spend some time with Brett's paternal grandmother, half-sister, half-brother, nieces, and nephew. Jim and Mar were also in town and we were able to enjoy their company again as well. We had an early birthday celebration for Brett and accompained his grandmother to her church for Easter services. I was raised a Southern Baptist and that side of his family is Episcopalian. The service was unlike any I had attended before, but we enjoyed it.

We have a very difficult decision to make in the coming days and would appreciate your prayers. It seems as if each time we decide on a route to take, something jumps out at us that alters our course. At this point we are just praying for God's guidance and wisdom.

- Please continue to pray for Stellan. It is my understanding that after a successful transition into a step-down unit, he started having longer episodes of SVT.

- Kaden is now at home and is doing well. He'll start his physical therapy in the coming weeks and we're hopeful that he'll go way beyond what his doctors expect.

- Please pray for Dylon, the grandson of one of my VERY good friends. He was diagnosed with a dangerous, but rare heart condition last year and is now scheduled for surgery in Houston, TX on June 16. Please keep Dylon and the Smith family in your prayers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A God Thing

My wonderful mother-in-law has been working on her book for many months. These past few weeks have been wrapping up loose ends, editing all the pictures, and a final proof-read and edit session before sending it to her publisher. I was completely honored (and floored!) when she asked me to be the one to wrap up those ends. We worked on it for a few hours Monday night and then for several more yesterday. I took a break yesterday afternoon to drive up to the top of the mountain for some meditiation and prayer and came back to the book with a new goal: get it sent to the publisher on April 7th. This was a small way that I could honor Audrey. I can't remember the last time I focused on something as hard as I did on that book last night...and at 11:57 p.m. on April 7, 2009 the book was sent into the publisher!

As far as we were concerned, I wasn't supposed to have been here to help with the book. We were supposed to have left yesterday morning for a 7 hour drive east. We learned on Sunday that there was an unexpected delay and we'd be here until this morning. Coincidence? Maybe. God? DEFINITELY. Mar and I were talking last night as we were uploading the book and we both feel that God ordained last night for a reason. Maybe that reason was a tiny way that I could honor and always remember Audrey. Maybe God had a completely different reason behind it that He'll reveal to us soon. No matter how you slice it, it was a God thing.

Oh. And for the record. It snowed here yesterday. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


**Update: Pictures are now added!**

Today is April 7th, and for those of you who follow the blog of my sweet friend Angie, you know that today marks the one year anniversary of the birth and death of her beautiful daughter Audrey Caroline. Brett and I were blessed to have been able to spend yesterday with her. When God started to weave Audrey's story he was also weaving a piece of mine and Brett's story as well. I can't wait to update on what's been going on with us, but I'm going to hold off until everything is finalized.

Sweet Angie, Todd, Ellie, Abby, Kate (and Sawyer, too!) - Our hearts are with you today and we will be lifting each of you up in prayer today. We love you guys!

During our Nashville trip, we saw a few snow flurries at a very important location. (More on that later!) I looked at Brett and Angie and I knew instantly that they knew what I was thinking. Those of you who know me, know just how excited I get in the snow (even though my family is from Niagara Falls and I've seen PLENTY of it over the years.)

Last night on the way back from Nashville we saw a few snow flurries at the base of the mountain. I prayed aloud to God that if the decision we're in the process of making is the right one, to please show us a sign. Not a mile later, the snow started to fall heavily. We pulled off at an exit and I stepped out of the car and into the beautiful snow that was falling on top of the mountain. As tears filled my eyes, I knew He had answered my prayer in the most obvious way possible. As I looked closer at each unique white flake that landed on my car, I was reminded of the blood Jesus shed to wash our sins and make us snow white. Each person is unique, just like each snowflake that fell from the sky. It was also a beautiful reminder that as Christians we are to respect and accept the uniqueness of each other. Simply put, G-R-A-C-E.

I have so many jumbled thoughts and I seem to lack a way to get them out this morning. Before I wrap this up, I want to ask each of you for prayers for precious baby Stellan. They finally have a new care plan in place and we're in prayer that this will help him defeat his SVT/arrhythmia issues. His mother, MckMama, is traveling a very hard road that each mother prays she will never have to walk. Please pray for her to have the wisdom she needs as she advocates for precious son, rest for her weary body, mind, and spirit, and peace that He alone can give.

Baby Kaden came through his second shunt surgery without any complications and if all goes well, he'll be coming home next Sunday. Please pray for his continued healing.

Finally, those of you who follow
Angie's blog have more than likely heard the song "Unredeemed" that she posted on April 5. It is going to be released on Selah's new record (that is coming out in August!!!) If you've not had the chance to hear it, GO NOW! Curb is only allowing her to have it up for 3 days and the we're 2 days into the countdown. :)