Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winds of Change

Brett and I made it back home mid-Monday afternoon and I must admit, it was SO nice to sleep in my own bed again! Honestly, I think my car is ready for a break, too. We drove up to North Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and back to Alabama all in a week's time. Talk about racking up the miles!

We spent the majority of our trip with Brett's maternal grandmother who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Just one day into our visit, we had to take her to the E.R. and she was promptly admitted. As it stands, she'll be transferring to a rehab facility for a couple of weeks unless her oncologist decides to go another route. NaMa (as we lovingly call her) has family nearby and they have jumped in to help out as much as possible. Brett and I are planning another trip up there in the VERY near future as well.

After our trip to visit NaMa we drove down to Aiken, SC to spend some time with Brett's paternal grandmother, half-sister, half-brother, nieces, and nephew. Jim and Mar were also in town and we were able to enjoy their company again as well. We had an early birthday celebration for Brett and accompained his grandmother to her church for Easter services. I was raised a Southern Baptist and that side of his family is Episcopalian. The service was unlike any I had attended before, but we enjoyed it.

We have a very difficult decision to make in the coming days and would appreciate your prayers. It seems as if each time we decide on a route to take, something jumps out at us that alters our course. At this point we are just praying for God's guidance and wisdom.

- Please continue to pray for Stellan. It is my understanding that after a successful transition into a step-down unit, he started having longer episodes of SVT.

- Kaden is now at home and is doing well. He'll start his physical therapy in the coming weeks and we're hopeful that he'll go way beyond what his doctors expect.

- Please pray for Dylon, the grandson of one of my VERY good friends. He was diagnosed with a dangerous, but rare heart condition last year and is now scheduled for surgery in Houston, TX on June 16. Please keep Dylon and the Smith family in your prayers.

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Sarah said...

Wow the travel bug sure bit you! Praying that God's will is done in your decision making.