Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kaden Update

I had actually been working on another post when I got a Kaden update that I wanted to pass along. We really covet your prayers for this precious baby boy. The road ahead is going to be a long one and our fear is that this is just one of many obstacles he'll have to face.

The doctors found the source of his infection - his shunt. They had to perform surgery yesterday to remove the shunt and manually drain the fluid that had collected. Instead of a broad spectrum antibiotic, he's on one that should specifically fight this infection. The doctors said that if the infection has cleared up in 7 - 10 days they'll do another surgery to re-install the shunt. He'll then have to completely recover from the second surgery before they'll even think about letting him come home.

We have a few specific prayer requests at this time.

- That the infection will clear up and the next shunt surgery will go well

- That C will have the strength and peace to get through these next few weeks

- That C will be surrounded by people who have her and Kaden's best interests at heart and can give her the moral support she needs

- That Kaden will be completely healed by His hands


Sarah said...

Once again I am sending up prayers. thanks so much for keeping us updated on this little ones progress.

On another note: Did you change your blog? It's gorgeous. It totally suits you! (well the impression I have of you from reading your blog).

Anonymous said...

Dear Janice,
I have never replied to a blog entry before, but I felt led to yours after reading of Kaden's birth and diagnosis through Angie's blog.
I continue to pray for healing for Kaden's shunt infection and for strength, courage and peace for C as she deals with and loves Kaden through his struggles.
I have another reason for responding to your blog posts about Kaden. I wanted to offer support and hope to your friend C. You see, I am a woman diagnosed and living with spina bifida. Come April 9, I will be (yikes!) 40 years old. I just wanted to let C know that, although there are struggles and trials to go through with a child diagnosed with a disability like spina bifida, there is hope for a happy, independent, productive life for someone living with it. I had some of the same issues that Kaden is having with my shunt as a child, but have not had any issues with mine since about age 7. I pray that this is the case for Kaden.
Anyway, would you pass on my love and blessings to C and if I can be of support in any way, I would be blessed to do so.
God Bless....Amanda