Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

The weatherman was finally snowed in south Alabama! We got an astounding 6" - 7" and have enjoyed every bit of it. This was the largest snowfall in this area since the mid-1970's.

Here are a few pictures from our snow day!

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from today. This is an old sharecroppers cabin that is on the fence line of our old horse pasture. The contrast of the dark wood and the snow is gorgeous!

Round bales covered in snow. How pretty!

Brett in front of the frozen scuppernong vines.

Brett and I in the front yard. The snow was pristine before we took the 4-wheeler out and made a mess!

Part of our backyard covered in snow. We kept the 4-wheeler out of the backyard so we would have some nice pictures!

Brett and I ventured out to go check on our lake property and this was what our road looked like when we pulled out of our driveway.

Our front/side yard out by the road.

The temperatures are supposed to drop considerably tonight and most of the slush on the road is going to turn into ice. I'm very grateful that Brett has this weekend off. The best part of a snow weekend is that I'll have plenty of time to finish my new Sheila Walsh book while Brett is outside tearing things up!

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The Fifth Street Mama said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the snow. We get quite sick of it up here in northern Canada :)